July 26, 2023
AIoT – A Technological Breakthrough from EDN Co.,LTD

EDN is a pioneering company that combines AI and IoT to create outstanding products with the mission of designing technology platforms. In this article, we will introduce you to the AIoT circuit, which is 100% designed by EDN.

What is AIoT?

AIoT stands for “Artificial Intelligence of Things” a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to create intelligent and automated systems.

In AIoT, IoT devices are integrated with AI features such as machine learning and data analytics to collect, process, and analyze data intelligently and efficiently. AIoT systems can automatically interact with other smart devices, make decisions, and take actions without human intervention. With the development of technology, AIoT is widely used in many fields.

100% Designed by EDN – The AIoT Circuit

Recognizing the breakthrough of AIoT technology, EDN has researched and launched the AIoT Circuit with the hope of bringing effective and optimized applications for the future.


The AIoT circuit is designed to receive and transform information in the form of neurons to simulate the neuron system in the human or animal brain. The AIoT circuit receives data from IoT sensors and converts it into corresponding electronic signals. Then, these signals are processed by the AIoT circuit to generate new electronic signals, similar to the neuron system in the brain.

This AIoT circuit can be used to build artificial neural networks to solve problems such as image recognition, natural language processing, and deep learning. During this process, electronic signals are sent to “artificial neurons” in the AIoT circuit to perform calculations and process data.

The AIoT circuit is designed to synchronize with servers and be controlled via the internet or non-internet. This allows data collected by AIoT devices to be stored and processed on servers and accessed from anywhere in the world via the internet. To control AIoT devices via the internet or non-internet, the AIoT circuit is connected to communication protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or other communication protocols. This allows users to remotely control AIoT devices through applications on their phones or computers.

However, synchronizing data and controlling AIoT devices via the internet also raises issues of security and privacy. The AIoT circuit designed by EDN has appropriate security measures optimized to ensure data security and privacy.

During the information transmission process, the AIoT circuit automatically transmits information without external interference. The AIoT circuit can automatically collect and process data from IoT sensors, and then automatically transmit this information to other computers or devices for further processing or display as useful information for users.

Caption: 100% Designed by EDN – The AIoT Circuit


The AIoT circuit has many different applications, from monitoring and controlling smart devices to optimizing business processes and automating production processes.

“Just stand near the AIoT circuit and be granted access, we can control devices within the AIoT circuit’s operating range, even standing on the 18th floor and controlling devices on the ground floor.” – AIoT Circuit Designer at EDN.

Some specific applications of the AIoT circuit include
Smart Home

The AIoT circuit in a smart home system can control lighting and temperature, manage security and energy. These features enhance convenience and safety for users while reducing energy consumption and contributing to environmental protection. Some specific applications include:

  • Lighting and temperature control
  • Security control
  • Energy management
  • Environment monitoring
  • etc.

Smart Agriculture

The AIoT circuit in agriculture can monitor soil and automate irrigation, monitor and manage livestock, track yield and product quality. These features increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve product quality. Some specific applications include:

  • Soil monitoring and management
  • Automated irrigation
  • Livestock monitoring and management
  • Yield and product quality tracking
  • Inventory management automation
  • etc.


The AIoT circuit can be widely used in healthcare to help monitor health, diagnose diseases, and improve users’ quality of life. Here are some specific applications of the AIoT circuit in healthcare:

  • Health monitoring
  • Disease diagnosis
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Treatment support
  • Medication management
  • etc.

In addition to the above applications, the AIoT circuit also has many other applications. As technology 4.0 emerges, more and more products integrated with the AIoT circuit are being launched, and EDN is implementing a plan to integrate the AIoT circuit to create products for the modern age.

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