EDN Co., Ltd always strives and consistently aims to pioneer new technology industries, exploring and initiating modern solutions that address real-world issues in the simplest and most optimal ways. With a team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated experts, EDN Co., Ltd proudly delivers exceptional and robust technological products, solutions, and services that meet the diverse needs of real life.
With the mission “Pioneering technology elevates practice, igniting solutions that lead the future”, EDN Co., Ltd is committed to continuously researching, developing, and applying cutting-edge technologies to bring sustainable value and maximum benefits to real-world applications.


Engineering & Expertise: EDN confidently offers the market over 1,000 IT engineers and experts with robust technical expertise, fluency in English, strong problem-solving skills, and the agility to quickly implement emerging technologies.
Consulting & Solutions: EDN’s solutions and consulting services are rooted in a profound and proactive ideology. We are deeply involved and committed to every issue, striving to bring simplicity and efficiency to real-life problem-solving. Consequently, we consistently emphasize authenticity, practicality, optimal performance, and high experiential value.
Software Products & Foundation: EDN currently provides two E-CONOMY FOUNDATION and over nine products catering to diverse real-life sectors (ERP, Retail & eCommerce, Logistics, Media & Entertainment, High-tech Agriculture, GameFi, Blockchain, Manufacturing, BSFI, EDU, etc.). With expertise in developing multi-platform web and mobile applications, EDN ensures optimal user experiences and helps businesses reach their customers quickly and effectively.
Cloud Computing Services: EDN supports businesses in migrating to cloud environments with solutions ranging from basic to complex, including storage, big data processing, and cloud applications.
System Integration: EDN provides comprehensive system integration services, from linking software and hardware to optimizing the performance of existing IT systems, enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and seamlessly.
AIoT Technology: Leading the new technology trends, EDN combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications to offer solutions that bring optimal intelligence and automation to management, operations, and real-life systems.

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