With the purpose of improving the ability and intelligence of the camera system, in order to reduce pressure on security guards and increase security for the surveillance area, we have researched and developed an intelligent integrated solution. Artificial AI into Camera using YOLOv7 deep learning model will be an effective tool for building management, and security,…


The service of integrating AI into the camera for object detection using YOLOv7 is a solution that uses artificial intelligence to enhance the surveillance and security capabilities of the camera system. In which, YOLOv7 is a deep learning model for object detection, used to classify and locate objects in images or videos.

Using this service, monitoring systems can be customized to detect specific objects and issue alerts when they are detected. For example, in a public area, the system can be configured to detect unwanted objects such as drugs, weapons, or trespassing on the property of others.

Integrating AI into the camera to detect objects using YOLOv7 also helps to reduce the work of security guards and increase the effectiveness of the surveillance system, ensuring the security and safety of the monitored areas. close.

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