With the mindset and call to action “Give within your means!”.

For our non-profit endeavor, we center our focus on the E-CONOMY FOUNDATION. At the heart of this endeavor lies jFOUNDATION, a specialized non-profit E-CONOMY platform designed to serve and foster businesses and startups. Our commitment is steadfast in creating a vibrant online community and providing support to those in need. We firmly believe that every individual possesses the capacity for sharing, and that giving within our means constitutes the most potent means to construct a brighter world.
Our initiative extends beyond mere technology and financial aid, striving to cultivate an environment where individuals can share, connect, and mutually support one another. Embracing diversity, we encourage active participation in give within your means endeavors, no matter how modest, to instill joy and inspire hope.
We earnestly invite you to join us in our mission of spreading love and compassion! Whether through active involvement in give within your means campaigns, financial contributions, technical contributions, or simply by amplifying our message, each small gesture holds the potential to effect profound change in the lives of others. Let us collaborate with EDN, through the jFOUNDATION project, to nurture a community grounded in the ethos of generosity and the power of solidarity!


“Hãy cho đi trong khả năng của bạn!”
“Give within your means!”

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