Realizing the need to find a parking space and the difficulty in managing vehicles in the parking lot, we have researched and found a solution: Integrated parking sensor.
Not only brings convenience and speed to parking, it is an effective tool for parking managers.


This sensor works by detecting the change of resistance in the surrounding environment when a weight is placed on it. When a vehicle is parked on top of the sensor, the weight of the vehicle will act on the ground and change the sensor’s resistance. The system will collect and process information from sensors to determine if a car is parked, and if so, it will send a signal to the parking management system to register and track vehicle information.

Sensors placed underground for parking reduce the time it takes to search for a parking space while enhancing the safety of people and vehicles. It also helps to manage and optimize the use of parking lots by providing usage information and controlling the number of cars parked in the parking lot.

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